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Win a $325 Shopping Spree & $290 in Clean Beauty

Win a $325 Shopping Spree & $290 in Product!
– Two Winners To Be Chosen –

Win a $325 Shopping Spree & $290 in Clean Beauty

Spring into clean beauty. 

Give your beauty & wellness routine a little extra love this month with $325.00 to spend on products from Pacifica, Dermala, Pure Anada, Bonnie and Shea Radiance. PLUS we will send you $290 in product from Lesser Evil & Bedrock Skin.

This Shopping Spree* Features:

Pacifica $50 Gift Certificate
Pure Anada $100 Gift Certificate
Dermala $75 Gift Certificate
Shea Radiance $50 Gift Certificate
Bonnie $50 Gift Certificate
Bedrock Skin $90 Package Including:
A Bedrock Trucker Hat, Bedrock Balm, Porefector & Cosmetics Bag
Lesser Evil $150 Supply of Popcorn & Swag

*Note – Gift certificates for each brand will have no residual value if not used in full at the time they are redeemed.

To participate, tell us which product(s) or brand(s) you would love to add to your self-care routine & be entered to win. Two winners will be chosen!


COMMENT on our Facebook contest post, tagging the brand(s) you want to try the most and be entered to win a FREE Goodbeing box! Be sure to check our Instagram feed for ANOTHER chance to win, too! Want to boost your chances of winning? Make sure to visit each brand’s Facebook page, follow them on Instagram, pin images on Pinterest, follow on Twitter & Tweet about the giveaway. Each step gains you additional entries to increase your chance of winning, so make sure to use all available entry options. Good luck!

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About the Brands:

Pacifica Beauty
Pacifica is known for their innovative and sustainable efforts. Elevating the experience of beauty products and overcoming the common perception that natural ingredients don’t deliver great results, Pacifica’s mission is complete when they have delivered the best performing products, using safe ingredients, in recyclable packaging and components to the largest possible audience of beauty consumers. All Pacifica products are gluten-free, 100% vegan, and cruelty-free.

At Dermala, they take a completely new approach – to balance the skin and gut microbiome to get rid of acne. Why? Because healthy, clear skin can be restored by encouraging the growth of good bacteria that can eliminate and prevent acne. Dermala’s topical acne products contain nutrients that specifically feed the good bacteria on the skin along with molecules derived from the skin microbiome that kill P. acnes, unclog pores, and reduce inflammation. Dermala’s advanced acne probiotics have been formulated to deliver good bacteria to the gut to balance the gut microbiome, reduce the oil production in the skin and reduce systemic inflammation associated with acne.

Pure Anada
Since the inception of Pure Anada, Formulator & Founder Candace Grenier’s goal has been to create natural, safer, effective alternatives to traditional, mainstream cosmetics. She loves the beauty of nature and enjoys the challenge of assembling luxurious, organic ingredients into products for you to enjoy.

Lesser Evil
Lesser Evil wants to make our world less evil by creating deeper connections with people, the planet and real, organic food.

In February of 2010, Chicago fine artist Sarah deHebreard turned her focus from painting pictures to making lip balm, and Bonnie was born. Her naturally nourishing products harness the goodness that nature provides in sophisticated and creative ways, making use of natural compounds in complex and luxurious formulations. Sarah is constantly developing new formulas with a focus on sensitive skin, and searching for new and interesting ways to combine nature and science. As a self-described micro-manager with an eye for detail, Sarah handles every aspect of Bonnie on her own; including graphic and web design, product development, marketing, production, and packaging.

Shea Radiance
Shea Radiance creates hair and body care products using natural, clean, effective, highly concentrated active ingredients like Shea Butter, to solve dry and eczema prone skin problems.  Your needs, hers, and ours are all fulfilled with one key ingredient – Shea butter. The needs of their founding team to make better the economic status of women Shea producers in West Africa is met through their cross-cultural supply chain. The needs of their customers to cure their hair and skin ailments are fulfilled through their natural and effective artisan products. The need to connect woman globally and to create an economic pathway for over 16 million African women picking and processing Shea nuts to care and provide for their families is what the Shea Radiance family aims to fulfill.

Bedrock Skin
Bedrock was born because Bedrock Skin Founder Rachel Wernet got a raging armpit rash and zinc oxide was the only thing to finally calm it. Once she discovered zinc’s other hard working virtues, she was hooked. The Bedrock logo was a late car-ride collaboration between Rachel and her husband. The thin-rule line represents the top layer of soil, and the solid fill represents bedrock, which is where many minerals like zinc are found. It was brainstormed and final within 24 hours!

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