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Wild Honey Apothecary Pumpkin Cacao Honey Mask

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Wild Honey Apothecary is filled with lovingly made, small batch goodness made with real, pure ingredients. They only use wild harvested, pure botanicals and concoctions proven since ancient times with sacred resins, raw honey and wild collected botanicals. Wild Honey Apothecary’s creations are intended to enhance and pamper you, and they are honored to provide offerings for your self care rituals.


Raw honey, organic grapeseed oil, organic jojoba oil, organic pumpkin, raw cacao and pumpkin seed oil make for a simple and effective ingredient list for this facial mask. Vitamins A + C boost collagen, while naturally occurring vitamin E and tortulitine combats inflammation. Antioxidants repair and protect against free radical damage and add much needed hydration. Made with lovely, soothing, skin-loving raw cacao swirled with rich pumpkin…all to soften and nourish your beautiful face. (Contains honey)


~Raw nutrients
~Rich honey
~Vitamin rich


Rich & sweet w/ chocolatey goodness


May need a good stir before use. Apply about a teaspoon or so into damp or dry face/neck. Let rest for five to ten minutes, rinse with tepid water. Recommended twice weekly.


Raw Organic Honey, organic raw cacao powder, organic pumpkin powder, organic active Manuka honey, pumpkin seed oil and organic cocoa absolute.

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