healthy beauty + natural wellness delivered

What is Goodebox?

A Healthy Beauty & Natural Wellness Discovery and Trial Service
Goodebox is an expertly curated, trial & discovery service providing  healthy, innovative & effective beauty and personal care products, along with natural & organic health, wellness and non-toxic/sustainable living goods, thoughtfully selected based on member profiles and Box Type choices.  Each box contains 4-5 products in a variety of sizes, from trial to full size, for members to discover and test, along with exclusive special offers, giveaways, sneak peeks at upcoming products, practical tips and more.  It’s a gift to yourself, or someone else, that arrives on the doorstep every month…a little surprise to look forward to. It’s insight, allowing you to try before you buy. It’s a time saver, and a skin, hair & health saver.  Read our FAQ for further details on what to expect (and what not to), sign-up deadlines, ship dates and more.

Pre-Screened, Healthier, More Sustainable Products
Goodebox only works with thoroughly evaluated, mission based brands committed to creating healthier, more sustainable products. This means the products in each Goodebox will certainly be cleaner than their conventional counterparts, with a focus on cleaner formulations, beneficial ingredients, and steering clear of ingredients that rank high on the risky, not so great for you scale. The brands we work with have also made significant efforts to minimize their environmental impact, whether it be through packaging, ingredients sourcing, supporting non-profits, or other means, they are doing business responsibly.

Expertly Curated Products
When it comes to beauty products, we want to be sure they’re not only healthier for us, but effective, practical and performance as well. Thankfully, there are a number of excellent products out there harnessing the best science and nature have to offer. Which natural mascara actually stays put? What supplements are best for stress? Is there a non-toxic laundry soap that actually works? What are the alternatives to disposable plastic bags? Not to fear, Goodebox has recruited top green beauty make-up artists, skin care gurus, celebrity nutritionists and green living experts to help us pick the best products out there and share their expert tips.

Product Selection Based on Your Profile
Many of the items in the Goodebox are good for everyone, but sometimes, certain products are geared toward specific concerns, certain skin types, wellness concerns and the like. To help us select the best possible products for you, members create a personalized profile, telling us about your age, skin type, hair type, and wellness concerns and goals, whether you prefer vegan goods or are allergic to peanuts, and what product types fit best with your lifestyle aspirations. It may be that occasionally, you will receive something that’s not quite right for you, but chances are, you know someone who it would be perfect for, and sharing is so much more fun than disappointment.

Exclusive Offers for Members Only
Goodebox members receive exclusive discounts & special offers on the products in each Goodebox. Each month, members are also eligible to win free, full size products by participating in surveys and by taking other actions.

Read our FAQ for further details.