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What do Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Lois Lane all have in common?

What do Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Lois Lane all have in common?

What do Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Lois Lane all have in common…besides being part of a recent film that’s taken some serious heat? The need for healthier personal care and natural wellness products to maintain their super hero stats of course…and a little love from a non-movie critic too. The dust has settled and the critics have had a field day with this film but fans, for the most part, have shown the love. Before we get to what I thought about the movie (I know…you’re waiting with bated breath), let’s take a look at…..clean beauty for super heroes! I have no doubt product galore is used to keep the actors looking just so, but my guess is that it’s largely conventional products loaded with Kryptonian like ingredients (ie: ingredients that are damaging to long term health & wellness) that could bring many a bad ass to their knees.

How could Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Lois Lane clean up their act? From combat ready balms to UV rebuffing sunscreens, strong hold hair products to battle ready beauty, you name it, healthier self-care products are easy to swap out here for their less than ‘super natural’ counterparts.

Batman, pulled off with admirable brood & emotional distress by Ben Affleck (@benaffleck), is only human after all yet makes a damn good showing against a virtually indestructible alien. He no doubt needs a thorough application of something to help those inevitable bruises and sprains, such as Plantlife’s Arnica Relief Gel, to soothe the soreness and speed healing. Donning the Bat Suit may also present some challenges in the form of irritated skin, not to mention adding a few thousand degrees of heat during battle. Enter Skincando‘s Combat Ready Balm to prep for those high heat, high chafe encounters, both to protect skin beforehand and to soothe it afterward. And from the dreamscape shared, he could definitely benefit from an anti-stress supplement like Natural Calm to help him get some uninterrupted zzzzzz’s and soothe those high strung nerves. When he’s ready to don his playboy slash CEO alter ego Bruce Wayne, American Provenance’s FirePits and Flannel deodorant, paired with their Natural Aftershave will have him ready to woo without the post-combat stink.  Since Bruce/Ben isn’t afraid to rock a little facial hair, we also recommend a good, dual duty beard and after shave oil, such as this one by Mig Soap & Body Co.

Superman, portrayed and well humanized by Henry Cavill (@henrycavill) may not need much product due to his ability to completely regenerate from the sun’s radiation, however, as Clark Kent he may need to stash a few man-scaping goods in the medicine cabinet for nights with Lois. And let’s face it, most conventional products obtain a host of nasties akin to Kryptonite, so let’s spare the Man of Steel the agony and provide a few alternatives. First up? Superman is super clean cut, which means no 5 o’clock shadow (or post shaving irritation) allowed. Take a look at Son’s Shaving Collection – exfoliate, shave and soothe for a superhuman shaving experience. Did you notice his perfectly coiffed hair doesn’t move much? That has to be some industrial strength gel! Time to switch it up for some strong hold hair products sans the unpronounceable ingredients, such as Firm Hold Hair Spray by Josh Rosebrook. Finally, when Henry’s not playing Superman, I’m sure he’s in very human training to maintain those super muscles close to 24-7 and he’s probably sore as hell on many an occasion. We recommend a good soak in a therapeutic mineral salt bath like Ocean by Red Flower, followed by a natural, sore muscle remedy like Recover by Folium Medica.

Wonder Woman, who we can’t wait to see more of, portrayed in all her bad ass glory by the lovely Gal Gadot (@Gal_Gadot) may need a little extra moisture after deflecting some serious heat from Doomsday. We recommend Feed Your Shine from Yarok, to both protect those strands and keep them shining when the heat is on. While she glow’s without much help, we also recommend Kahina Giving Beauty’s Brightening Serum to maintain that amazing inner glow and to counter any dullness that action packed life and long years of existence on earth my bring her way. For below the chin? Prim Botanical’s Body Oil is just the thing for deep, restorative hydration. And of course, what’s Wonder Woman without the perfect pucker? Vapour Organic Beauty’s Plumping Elixir in Bitten provides the perfect combination of color, shine and hydration to get her through any close encounter. Go show those boys how it’s done!

And last but not least, Lois Lane, played by one of our favorite redheads Amy Adams. While she may lack the gadgets and supernatural abilities of her aforementioned co-star’s characters, Lois never fails to light up the screen with sheer grit and determination.  That said, she should never be without a few things to accentuate that natural glow, such as a creamy, easy to use highlighter by Orglamix Cosmetics, a neutral golden shadow by HAN Cosmetics and Skincare, and a sexy neutral lip gloss like those by Kari Gran. And of course, while her super hero boyfriend may recharge from those UV rays, they are no friend to Lois’s fair complexion (believe me…I know).  She needs to be well stocked with a full spectrum, mineral based sunscreen that won’t turn her ghostly pale upon applying, like MyChelle’s Sun Shield Clear Stick that shuns less than health helping ingredients like oxybenzone.

The moment of truth as arrived! What did I think of #batmanvsuperman? I enjoyed it. Movie critics are critical, it’s what they do. I’m just a movie goer. I enjoy getting drawn into a story, the effects, the producer’s interpretation of these fantastic worlds, and watching the actors do their best to pull off their characters in a convincing manner. I do not enjoy nit picking them apart and frankly, I think the critics were overly harsh on this one. Was there some hidden agenda to kill the franchise we’re not aware of? Geesh. It’s a movie. We’re not talking society altering legislation. It’s not going to change the world. It’s entertainment. Plain and simple. And of course, it’s a money machine, but that’s beside point. No, I’m not a comic book aficionado or comic fangirl, but I have flipped through several DC issues and I can see a certain amount of inspiration from them, even a few direct quotes, but to me, these films should be judged as standalone renditions of the DC characters and their world(s). They are created through the lens of the film makers, using their vision, perspective and creativity, brought to life by the actors and damn if that isn’t hard to pull off.  I couldn’t do it, and I’m willing to bet most critics couldn’t either.  I get it – people are invested in these characters and stories have a vision of how they think it should be, critics have certain touchstones they rely on to judge a film but really, it seems to me there is no right or wrong way to do it. All of it is biased and based on some individual perspective. That’s part of the magic.  Seeing it through someone else’s eyes.  Having grown up on Christopher Reeve’s Superman movies, Hanna Barbera’s Super Friends and later, the various incarnations of Batman played by Michael Keaton, George Clooney and Val Kilmer (totally dating myself here), I will admit to having a soft spot for the DC universe but nonetheless, I found Batman vs. Superman engaging, action packed with solid special effects, decent character development and yes, very entertaining.  ***Spoiler Alert…if you have yet to see the film and don’t want anything revealed, stop reading here’*** I will even confess to tearing up a bit at Superman’s apparent (if temporary) demise.  Have you seen it? What did you think?

OK. Enough film review on a beauty & wellness lifestyle site.  Not to say it won’t happen again….it’s fun mixing in a little pop culture with our standard fare and I’m enjoying getting back into some writing. I just couldn’t resist adding my two cents here and little applause in contrast to the overwhelming number of articles tearing it apart. Justice League –  if you’re ever in Portland, Oregon, or I happen to be sharing space with you somewhere, I’d be happy to share some more healthy skin & hair care, clean beauty & natural wellness tips over drinks. :) Yup. Natural products lovers/quasi-hippie/market based activism gals can be fantasy/sci-fi/comic book action flick lovers too.


(Author: Aysia Wright)