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Trillium Organics Organic BodyPolish


Trillium Organics creates Certified Organic and authentically pure formulations that leave people feeling fantastic and vital, confident that thier glowing skin didn’t come at the cost of thier life long health. Their products, each blended and poured by hand, offer relief from challenges like the rash from chemical sensitivity, psoriasis, eczema, acne or dermatitis. Trillium Organics is trusted by the Organic Consumers Association and treasured by glowing fans worldwide!


An antimicrobial cleanser that detoxifies the body as it cleanses away dirt, grime and dead skin, this product is unlike other mineral-based body scrubs as each crystalline salt cube is the same size and shape resulting in a deep invigorating scrub free of nasty niques. Available in 10 stimulating scents from citrusy to floral and everything in between.

Key Ingredients:

  • Crystalline Salt – Draws toxins from the body and brings skin rejuvenating oxygen to the surface
  • Organic Sunflower and safflower oils – Seal and retain moisture while allowing skin to breath.


So many ways! In addition to a body, foot and hand scrub, try using it as a shaving prep to lift and liberate hairs or to prevent/remedy pesky ingrown hairs.

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