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The Magic of Quartz in Crystal Moon Goddess by Crystal Hill Organics

Why is Crystal Moon Goddess by Crystal Hill Organics infused with Quartz Crystals?

Crystal Moon GoddessEach crystal possesses unique properties and traits, including those that are easily recognizable, such as color, shape, and opacity. The ancient Egyptians, Romans, Sumerians, Chinese, and Greeks wore crystals, used them in gem elixirs for drinking, and crushed them into powders to be used as a paste on the body. Ayurvedic medicine has much information on the preparation of elixirs and pastes made from crystals, and the first Chinese medical book, written nearly five thousand years ago, has details on how gemstones influence the human body. Further substantiation of the importance of gemstones for our wellbeing can be found in the Bible, where they often symbolize health and godliness.

The crystal most commonly used today is the clear quartz, due to its electromagnetic and piezoelectric properties. Quartz is able to amplify energy, but not just to power computers, radios, and watches.

Clear Quartz is highly valued by spiritual leaders and healers through the ages as one of the world’s most powerful healing crystals. Quartz harmonizes all the chakras and helps to dissipate any blockages, resulting in a more balanced energy. Its high vibrational frequency is able to amplify energy to heighten spiritual awareness, increase clarity of thought, and help with the manifestation of your desires and wishes. These beautiful clear crystals adjust your vibrational field, transmuting negative energies into positive ones.

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