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Meet Organic Beauty Brand Gia Minerals CEO & Formulator

Gia Minerals was created by Georgina Tzavaras, a former teacher that had searched everywhere to find a natural, organic cosmetics and skincare line for her sensitive skin. She used her extensive background in chemistry to devote time and experience to formulating organic beauty products that are truly 100% natural and unique in the industry. 

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Q&A with Boho Gold Botanicals Founder Ashley Hasenkopf

“….I was constantly around beauty products filled with nasty chemicals claiming to be good for you. I dove hard into researching organic beauty alternatives and became somewhat of a mad scientist, mixing and creating different masks for my own personal use.” Read more from Boho Gold Founder here.

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5 Minutes with Dermala Director Michelle Kem

“We are inspired by the microbiome which consists of the millions of microbes that live on our skin and in our gut from the day we are born. We believe that to effectively treat skin concerns like acne, we need to do more than stripping the skin and killing the acne-causing bacteria.” – Michelle Kem

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Meet The Co-Founders of Eco Armour

“You know the saying, ‘that which you resist persists’. We aren’t about resisting anything. Instead, let’s embrace where we are and understand that if we nourish our bodies and spirits, we will radiate a beauty that is ageless!” Read more from the founders of Eco-Armour here.

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A Look Inside Sahajan with Lisa Mattam

“I picked up a shampoo on the shelf that had the word natural in it. It also had synthetic fragrance, silicones, PEGS – it was crazy. We need more regulations for the word natural.” Learn more from Lisa Mattam of Sahajan here.

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