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Red Flower Mineral Bath Soak

No daily ritual is more important to well-being than steeping in a healing bath. Relax and purify with Red Flower Mineral Bath Soak.

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EO Everyone Yoga Bubble Bath

Yoga Bubble Bath is a new bath product from EO’s Everyone collection, featuring one of their most popular blends of essential oils – the Yoga Blend.

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Zoe Organics Refresh Oil

Zoe Organics Refresh Oil is a perfect pick-me-up for a queasy tummy, motion sickness or an anxious parent. 100% organic ingredients.

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Lotus Wei Inner Peace Energy Mist

BRAND Lotus Wei began in 2000 when Katie Hess — a flower alchemist + spiritual seeker born near Minneapolis — decided to share her custom-blended flower remedies with a handful…

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