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Top 4 Natural Deodorants For Healthy, Stink Free Pits

Although summer is coming to a close, it’s never too late to liberate your pits from less than healthy ingredients while still keeping the dreaded B.O. at bay. Here are 5 of our favorite options for stink free living, sans aluminum compounds.

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Meraki Mint + Clove Organic Toothpaste

Mint + Clove organic toothpaste is a less abrasive and an all natural alternative to commercial toothpastes. This natural toothpaste whitens teeth and scrubs away stains to leave your mouth fresh and clean with a rich and refreshing flavor.

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Piperwai Natural Deodorant

This Deodorant is free of harmful chemicals, parabens, and aluminum compounds, this light grey cream forms an invisible, absorbent, pH-balanced shield that neutralizes odor and protects your clothes from perspiration.

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