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Meraki Botanicals Soothing Lavender Chamomile Face Oil

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MERAKI (meh-RAH’-kee) – noun – to do something with love, soul, and creativity; to put a piece of yourself into what you’re doing. Every product in this line is made with meraki. Handcrafted all natural skin care, hair care + body products made with soul, love, and creativity. Each product by Meraki Botanicals is made to order or in small batches to ensure the highest quality + freshness. No artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, no parabens, no unnatural preservatives. Always tested on friends + family, never on animals. Made with ingredients you can pronounce straight from mama Earth.


This Soothing Lavender Chamomile Face Oil for dry/sensitive skin removes dirt and makeup and provides soothing nourishment to skin. Natural organic oils infused with fresh botanicals gently cleanse + protect skin while leaving it nicely hydrated. This oil is perfect to use with the oil cleansing method or just as a light moisturizer. (Vegan) 


~Protects skin
~Removes dirt & makeup


Lavender & chamomile


Apply 1-2 full droppers of Meraki Botanicals Soothing Lavender Chamomile Face Oil to face, no need to remove makeup. Rub in gently while dampening a washcloth with very warm water. Lay washcloth on face for up to one minute, then gently rub away oil.


Lavender & chamomile infused grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, essential oils of lavender and neroli

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