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Sneak Peek #4: Mai Couture Lavender Blotting Papiers ($13)


Here is our fourth SNEAK PEEK for the July Deluxe, Limited Edition Goodbeing Box! We will be sharing each product over the next two days, so be sure to check back. Want notice before everyone else does? Sign up to get first dibs here. Limited Supply. Over $285 in healthy beauty products for $95 + Shipping. Available July 29th at 11:00 AM EST/8:00 AM PST!

Mai Couture is the only mess free, no brush, no sponge makeup application. Their smart packaging is shatterproof and super convenient for anytime use. Their on-the-go beauty essentials takes you places looking flawless with low maintenance. Mai Couture is a convenient makeup concept made for the modern conscious beauty girl.

Eliminate unwanted oil and rejuvenate your skin for a healthy glow. Lavender essential oil helps calm skin and reduce stress so you can look and feel flawless through the day. Can be used over makeup without disturbing it. PARABEN FREE. TALC FREE. (Vegan)

Press either side of paper all over face. Recommended twice a day to maintain healthy skin.

Bleached Kraft Softwood Pulp, Hemp Pulp, Kaolin, Titanium Dioxide, Cornstarch, Lavender Oil

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