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Self Care is a NEED…not a luxury
(+ March Box Sneak Peek!)

Self Care is a NEED...not a luxury (+ March Box Sneak Peek!)

When we started goodbeing, we wanted to give women the option to receive a monthly delivery of personalized, healthy products and to serve as a reminder to take time, regularly, for self-care.

It’s a way to discover and try new products to see if they’re a fit (or not), and a way to replace less healthy formulations in your bathrooms & vanities with better ones. It’s about healthier living within reach, not an indulgence.

Self-care isn’t a ‘treat’, but a necessary part of every day life.

When we practice self-care – whether it’s taking a walk in a lovely park, going to yoga, blending a smoothie, using a decadent new body scrub, enjoying a colorful, farm fresh salad, spending time laughing with friends, breathing deeply of a therapeutic scent while meditating, traveling, getting a relaxing massage, using a skin loving face mask, or yes, receiving a box of new healthier products to try each month – taking care of YOU FIRST allows you to not only show up in the best possible way, but allows you to take care of others. We’re all busy, so much so that ‘busy’ is a new four-letter word. When we’re too busy to pause, discover, appreciate, breathe, practice gratitude & generally take care of ourselves, everything else suffers. Let a little goodbeing be a reminder that You. Are. Worthy. Take care of yourself.

Our March box very much surrounds this theme of self care.

Every month our members pick two of the products they want to try in their box. This month, they have the option of choosing between five Franklin & Whitman Facial Masks – each targeted to specific skin concerns. (#weekendwellness mask anyone?) We also included the choice between five Mr. B’s Necessities Essential Oil Roll-On blends that work to reduce anxiety, help calm the mind, diminish headaches, give an energy boost & support immunity. Back by popular demand, members can also try Ursa Major’s Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant (& yes it really works!) There are plenty of other surprises – so keep your eyes peeled.

We hope you’ll join us on this ever-evolving journey to healthier beauty & wellness by practicing more self-care with natural, healthier products.

Invest in yourself today.

*Last day to join & pick two products for the March box is 2/28/19


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