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S.W. Basics Cream


S.W. Basics was created to be an absolutely, positively, 100% truly all-natural line. A lot of companies toss around the phrase “all natural” these days. Unfortunately, labeling laws for personal care products are extremely lax, and in their experience, “all natural” almost always translates to “not-at-all natural.” Our products are made simply using only the purest quality ingredients they can find. And because they believe every business has a responsibility to preserve a sustainable environment, all of their ingredients are either certified organic, Fair Trade, or sourced from small family farms.

This is the mother of all S.W. Basics products. You know how lots of lotions and moisturizers leave you needing more, like ten minutes after you put them on? That’s because they use water as a base. When it evaporates, you dry out all over again. Their Cream starts with wild-harvested shea butter they get from an incredible Fair Trade women’s cooperative in Ghana. They add some organic extra-virgin coconut oil and organic extra-virgin olive oil. So it’s extremely rich, sinking deep into the skin and staying there. And it’s just as awesome on your face as it is on your body.

Mini Size 1 0z

~Ultra Moisturizing
~Fair Trade and Organic

Light creamy scent

Apply a small amount to thirsty skin. Store at normal room temperatures; will change consistency in heat and cold.

Fair trade shea butter, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil

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