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Reeds Ginger Chews


Reed’s passion for the incredible flavor and healing properties of ginger root has inspired the creation of six types of award winning home brewed ginger beverages as well as kombucha, ice creams & candies. Only the finest fresh herbs, roots, spices & fruits go into their  brews and they don’t let sugar, preservatives or anything artificial spoil the natural taste.


Looking for a natural way to settle that unwanted queasy tummy when jetting around this summer? Try stashing a handful of these individually wrapped ginger chews in your carry on before saying bon voyage to home. It’s a known fact, chewing on crystallized ginger inhibits the nausea associated with dizziness and motion sickness, leaving you to simply enjoy the ride. Reed’s treasured treats are made from a popular Indonesian recipe generations old only containing real ginger, sugar and tapioca starch. Available in the traditional plain ginger or in peanut butter ginger for the more adventurous types!


Pop one in your mouth before you board the plane, train or car to settle the stomach. Continue to suck on these gingery treats as needed throughout your trip.

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