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Z Skin Cosmetics Banish Dark Spots & Scars

Z Skin Cosmetics Banish Dark Spots & Scars

Z Skin Cosmetics Banish Dark Spots & Scars

Z Skin Cosmetics incorporates exotic herbs and oils, specially imported from places like Japan, Australia, Hungary and Africa, grounded in ancient, cultural practices and remedies to create unique, effective formulas to help reverse and minimize the signs of aging and address specific concerns such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. With these global traditions packed into one skin care line, the results are unprecedented and the proof is in their happy customers!

Z Skin Cosmetics Banish Dark Spots & Scars concentrated formula helps reduce skin discoloration due to pigmentation and scarring through a combination of pigments to instantly reduce visibility and effective natural ingredients to help lighten them over time for more even, vibrant skin. SPF 25.

15 mL / $17.95

15 mL / $17.95

Apply AM and PM to facial areas where pigmentation and/or scarring is a concern.  Use ring finger to apply, gently patting to spread product until evenly applied.

Milk, Sugar, Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit, Vinegar, Anise, Ginger, White Willow, Cream of Tartar, Triphala, Bitter Orange

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