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Urbana Sacs Small Creative Sac

Urbana Sacs Small Creative Sac

Urbana Sacs Small Creative Sac

Urbana Sacs believes that purpose is the foundation of good design.
That objects should be just as appealing in function as they are in form.
They believe that simplicity is an art.
That good design is the perfect balance of refreshingly obvious and surprisingly fresh.
They believe unusual materials are a source of inspiration.
That true craft is the ability to see the possibilities of what can be more than what is.
They believe that the best designs are ones that last.
That time, attention and care are what sustain us.
At Urbana Sacs, they believe everyday is worthy of great design
and we look forward to sharing our take on it with you.

The Small Creative Sac is ready to take your counter tops, and table tops to the next level with sustainability and style.  Use this smaller size to hold spices while you cook or snack, as vases for floral arrangements or a place to store your paper clips!  Currently available in six shades {White, Stone, Chocolate, Black, Shine and Sand} Harvested through cultivation not deforestation, the sustainable lightweight material used in Urbana Sacs is infused with a variety of virgin pulp fiber blends and recycled polyester felts. Individually handmade in Los Angeles with washable paper fabric, our sacs have been designed so that you can cuff and shape them to suit your needs. Like fabric,  it can be washed and reused over and over again.

1 bag // $22.00

1 bag // $22.00

Wash bags in warm water using mild detergent.  Rinse thoroughly and dry flat for easy storage, or shape to re-use.  Do not dry clean. Machine wash is not recommended.  

4w x 4d x 10h inches (uncuffed)

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