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ReChoc Resveratrol Chocolate

Rechoc Resveratrol Chocolate

Rechoc Resveratrol Chocolate

Cambridge Chocolate Technologies is a Cambridge, UK based company that develops and patents products that work from within to improve biomarkers and the physiology of our organs. Their products are based on a 70% (or higher) cocoa premium dark chocolate and contain a plethora of antioxidants and bioavailable cocoa polyphenols, the the result of 10 years of extensive independent research into cocoa polyphenols and free radicals, as well as clinical exploration and numerous trials with over 3000 participants.  The proud recipient of five prestigious grants and awards, two patents (for the US and the EU), and three further pending patent applications in thirty-five countries, CCT products have clinically proven biological efficacy.

ReChoc is a next generation dark chocolate developed to maximize the bioavailability of polyphenols known for their nutritional benefits, epicatechins from cocoa, and resveratrol from aronia. Resveratrol is a key nutrient in healthy diets and intended to promote wellbeing and longevity. In human tests, the level of resveratrol measured in the bloodstream after eating one piece of ReChoc was comparable to the same concentration measured after drinking 2 glasses of red wine rich in resveratrol (Pinot Noir).  (Vegan)

3 pieces / $3.75

20 pieces / $24.95

Eat one piece of ReChoc per day whenever you need a chocolate fix.

Chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, fat-reduced cocoa powder, cocoa butter, lecithin (from soybeans), natural vanilla flavoring), aronia extract (source of resveratrol)

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