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kVoss NYC Gardenia Nourish Body Lotion

kVoss NYC Gardenia Nourish Body Lotion

kVoss NYC Gardenia Nourish Body Lotion

When Kristin Voss asked herself what contribution could possibly be made to an already overly saturated market: the phrase “all you need is love” kept ringing in her ears. For her, love is tied very tightly to skincare. She considers what she thinks is most important in life in her products: love yourself, trust what is simple, and respect the wholesomeness of nature and the world around you. Her products reflect this mantra. They are made from simple ingredients, contain a natural SPF, and are made of only 100% organic ingredients that are found in nature. They do not create a new you. They reveal the beauty and radiance that had always been you.

Quench dull, dry skin by helping to restore its natural moisture and elasticity with this creamy, hydrating Nourish Body Lotion. Grapeseed oil helps reverse and prevent signs of aging by renewing cells and invigorating the skin for younger, fresher, more radiant skin. Avocado butter is rich in vitamins A, E, and D, antioxidants that help kill free radicals that age skin, while highly moisturizing Shea butter hydrates, preventing unwanted dryness for softer skin. Combined, these luxurious emollients provide the most potent and effective anti-aging formula. Scented with gardenia essential oil. (Vegan)

2 oz / $14.00

4 oz / $28.00

Apply daily as needed.

Grapeseed Oil, Avocado Butter, Shea Butter, Soy Wax, Gardenia Essential Oil

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