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Kahina Giving Beauty Essaouira Perfume Oil

Kahina Giving Beauty Essaouira Perfume Oil

Kahina Giving Beauty Essaouira Perfume Oil

Founded in 2007 by Katharine L’Heureux, Kahina Giving Beauty is a line of skin and body care based on certified organic argan oil from Morocco. Katharine personally sources Kahina’s argan oil, ensuring the very best quality and fair treatment of the women who produce it. Named for a Berber Queen and prophetess who is a symbol of empowerment and a heroine for the Berber women. Kahina Giving Beauty donates a percentage of profits to support programs that improve the lives of these women.

Light rose and woodsy sandalwood mingle with herbaceous geranium and lavender, accented by a bright note of petitgrain in this 100% steam distilled perfume oil. Fresh and crisp, this blend of essential oils evokes the blue and whitewashed seaside village of Essaouira, Morocco. (vegan)

15mL // $78.00

15mL // $78.00

Roll on and reapply as desired.

A proprietary blend of pure steam-distilled essential oils in a base of certified organic simmondsia chensis (jojoba) seed oil

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