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Jivi Hydrating Acne Treatment


Jivi Hydrating Acne Treatment

Jivi Hydrating Acne Treatment

Jivi creates truly natural and affordable skin care with ingredients they’re happy to show off. And it’s not just the few they want to highlight…100% of Jivi’s ingredients are natural and edible, to keep products as safe for you as they are effective. They make everything themselves, in the U.S.A., to ensure you get the highest quality products. And, with Jivi, you don’t have to buy local to support your community: for every bottle you buy, they donate a meal to someone in your neighborhood.

In case you hadn’t heard, benzoyl peroxide sucks. Luckily, this acne treatment uses thyme, willow bark, and coleus to immediately fight acne-causing bacteria without burning off your face. Olive oil and papaya keep your skin hydrated while licorice root reduces scarring over time, leaving your face even and clear. Don’t let flare-ups ruin your day. Available in Grapefruit & Lemon Tea Tree. (Vegan)

Grapefruit – sweet and alluring
Lemon Tea Tree – calm and refreshing

1.7 oz / $18.00

1.7 oz / $18.00

Clean face thoroughly with exfoliating Face Wash. Gently massage 1 pump of acne cream into face and affected areas. Leave on throughout the day, letting it go to work! Use morning and night for 24-hour protection

Aloe vera juice*, Emulsifying wax (from coconut/palm trees), Safflower oil, Witch hazel*, Vegetable glycerin*, Willow bark, Zinc oxide, Vitamin B3, Thyme, Licorice root, Coleus, Holy basil, Papaya, Vitamin E, Essential oil blend. *ORGANIC

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