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Isa’s Restoratives Blue Beauty Balm

Isa's Restoratives Blue Beauty Balm

Blue Beauty Balm

Small batch skin care made with organic whole plants, Isa’s Restoratives’ lovingly crafted formulas are based on a thorough, scientific understanding of (and passion for) the chemistry of plants and their properties.  Committed to sustainable sourcing, many of her herbs are locally and mindfully harvested, using plants abundant in the local area such as Wild rose, Violet, Mugwort, Comfrey, Chickweed, Plantain, Yarrow and Hawthorn along with Lavender, Skullcap and Motherwort grown in her own garden.  Organic oils and other ingredients are acquired from trusted sources, often small local suppliers, including pure beeswax bricks from the local beekeeper.

The Blue Beauty Balm is formulated with select oils known for fast absorption and effective delivery of nutritive, anti-inflammatory and calming properties to the skin. It leaves the skin feeling very supple and diminishes redness. Cupuaçu, a super fruit from Brazil and part of the cacao, yields highly anti-inflammatory seed oil & butter, both extremely emollient with high water retention capacity, Cupuacu helps balance skin, reduce the degeneration of skin cells and restore elasticity for soft, supple skin. Babassu kernel oil is a superior emollient for both dry and oily skin, gently moisturizing without leaving an oily sheen. Blue Chamomile reduces inflammation, redness and stress due to high levels of anti-inflammatory, cooling, and anti-allergenic chamazulene and Carrot Seed, beneficial for dry, damaged, or aging skin helps with discoloration. (Contains Beeswax)

1/8 oz – $7.50

1 oz – $60.00

Start with cleansed, toned skin. Place a small amount of Blue Beauty Balm in the palm of your hand. Gently rub hands together to evenly distribute the balm to both hands. Apply it by using push and press technique, covering the face, neck and décolleté area.

jojoba oil*, cupuaçu oil*, babassu oil*, murumuru butter*, andiroba oil*, sesame oil*, passionfruit seed oil*, brazil nut oil*, argan oil*, marshmallow*, yarrow**, beeswax; rosemary extract*, essential oils of blue chamomile*, lavender*, neroli* and carrot seed*.

PRO TIP: Use this gorgeous balm as a nightly self love ritual, not only will it nourish your skin but it will calm your mind. Blue Chamomile with soothe you into a restful slumber

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