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Gypsy Soul Organics Perfume

Gypsy Soul Organics Perfume

Gypsy Soul Organics Perfume

Gypsy Soul Organics is a family owned and operated company with a belief in living free as the gypsies while working hard as the honeybees. It began as a seed planted in 2010 while owner Amy Hughes was listening to vinyl, flowing freely on her yoga mat. This seed began to sprout and bud within her kitchen and organically, blossom and buzz as she traveled in her gypsy wagon to craft and trade shows to share her handmade goods. The name of the company celebrates Amy’s wildflowers, her illuminating daughter & son, as well as paying homage to her favorite artist Van Morrison. Each handcrafted product is inspired with the good vibes to honor her family & her love affair with nature!

Meadow is a sweet, delicate floral perfume with rays of soothing sunshine. Bringing peace & smiles, this multi-layered fresh floral perfume with subtle touches of citrus makes it (and you!) naturally calm & intoxicating. This gorgeous scent highlights notes of organic Blue Tansy flower, organic Ylang Ylang flower & Tangerine peel. 

Wildflower is a peaceful perfume inspired by fields of wild lavender. Layers of clean floral freshness evokes a feeling that sweeps you into a soft innocent whirlwind of happiness & freedom. It calls out to the wildflowers, bare feet and the earthy dirt path with flowers in your hair. This calming scent highlights notes of organic Lavender flower, organic Lavandin flower & organic Spike Lavender flower.

1.7 oz / $19.99

1.7 oz / $19.99

Spray on wrists and rub behind ears, along collarbone & neck, behind the knees and into freshly washed hair.

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