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Gypsy Soul Organics Mother Earth Aromatherapy Mist

Mother Earth Aromatherapy Mist

Mother Earth Aromatherapy Mist

Amy’s passion for aromatherapy originated through her teaching – during her yoga classes she wanted to offer her students a natural way to help transition their personal practice to a deeper, more spiritual level. She currently lives and works in a historic colorful downtown beside a peaceful lake and old-growth redwoods, along with her husband, daughter and son.

This aromatherapy blend is a grounding restoring blend of woody cedarwood. It will center you, focus your thoughts & root you. Sweet cheerful orange brings citrus layers to relieve the mind of its burdens, powerfully purifying, offering only positive vibes with earthy notes of soothing clearing clary sage to rid negative energy & darkness. Mother Earth is for wanderlust, wayfaring wonders & wildflowers. (Vegan)

2 oz – $19.99

2 oz – $19.99

Use as a body mist, deodorant or room spray.

cedarwood eo, sweet orange eo, clary sage eo, purified water

PRO TIP: Spray this loving mist around your home after vaccuming and leaving the windows open. A clear, beautiful space will be left in its wake! This scent is grounding and gently uplifting.

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