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Good Medicine Beauty Lab Purity Perfectly Clear Skin Tonic

Good Medicine Beauty Lab Purity Skin Tonic
Good Medicine is a gift from the desert. The Beauty Lab is a collaboration of 5 women who have come together, inspired by the place we love most – the Southwest desert. Their lab, friendship, and workspace embodies passion, laughter, soul and at times courage – to remain true to their roots and not sway with the trends. Each beautiful formula is made with love and bottled fresh, in small batches right in their own lab. This is unique and truly special because they can ensure all of their ingredients are pure, fresh and of the highest quality.

This gentle but thorough Purity Perfectly Clear Skin Tonic wakes up tired skin. Its powerful anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antiseptic qualities quickly reduce acne flare-ups and rebalance excess oil and sebum production. Rich in ionized minerals, alkaline solutions and antifungal properties it effectively forms a protective shield, allowing for healthy new cell production. It leaves skin feeling alive, purified, clear and calm.

1 oz // $18.00

4 oz // $30.00

* Restore skin’s natural pH balance
* Protect from infections
* Protect against inflammatory breakouts
* Clear dead skin cells & harmful toxins
* Brighten & soften the skin
* Shrink pores & tighten skin tone
* Increase cellular metabolism
* Balance the production of sebum

Sage & Juniper

Shake gently before use. Moisten a cotton pad with Purity. Gently, with upward motions, cleanse and purify the face and neck, cleaning thoroughly any bacteria or dirt left on the skin. Purity can be left on the skin or rinsed off with warm water.

Organic aqueous tincture of wildcrafted desert sage, wildcrafted juniper berry, wildcrafted larrea, organic dandelion and organic alfalfa. Pure extract of organic limes, organic aloe vera, vegetable glycerin. organic apple cider vinegar, citric acid, wild desert honey. Organic potato, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid (vitamin C), 50+ trace mineral sea salts, organic sugar cane, organic milk and powdered pearls. Pure Essential oils and attars of juniper berry, pine needle, cedarwood, lime, vetiver, rose geranium, lily and peppermint.

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