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Good Medicine Beauty Lab Epoch Botanical Perfume

Good Medicine Beauty Lab Epoch Perfume
Good Medicine is a gift from the desert. The Beauty Lab is a collaboration of 5 women who have come together, inspired by the place we love most – the Southwest desert. Their lab, friendship, and workspace embodies passion, laughter, soul and at times courage – to remain true to their roots and not sway with the trends. Each beautiful formula is made with love and bottled fresh, in small batches right in their own lab. This is unique and truly special because they can ensure all of their ingredients are pure, fresh and of the highest quality.

Epoch Botanical Perfume is a scent designed to balance and raise your frequency. Through the power of scent, Epoch helps pull us up out of sameness, brings us to the present moment and raises our level of consciousness. A scent grounded in deep, earthy aromas while whispering soft elegant notes of sweet orange, tangerine and jasmine. It’s a sensual musk that blooms with sweet indulgence. (Vegan)

10 mL // $17.00

1 oz // $52.00

TOP NOTES: Sweet Orange, Tangerine, Jasmine
MEDIUM NOTES: Frankincense, Amber, Myrrh, Clove
BASE NOTES: Balsam Tolu, Vetiver

Sweet Orange, Tangerine & Jasmine

Dot on neck, wrists, templates or anywhere you prefer scent

Custom blended Artisan Alcohol and 100% pure essential oils and attars of:
Sweet Orange, Tangerine, Jasmine, Frankincense, Amber, Myrrh, Clove, Balsam Tolu, Vetiver

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