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EVOLVh TotalControl Styling Creme

EVOLVh TotalControl Styling Creme

EVOLVh TotalControl Styling Creme

EVOLVh was born after careful observation and study of all hair product lines in the marketplace – a revolutionary hair care line with a proprietary amino acid technology that transforms hair feel and texture while optimizing strand health and beauty. Hair professionals and their clients were increasingly looking for products made from healthier ingredients, but without giving up performance back when EVOLVh was created. That still holds true today, and even more so. You’re about to experience a curated clean beauty hair care line that offers true performance unlike any other you’ve tried before. Luxurious, with amazing efficacy and utilizing the most potent ingredients from nature.

This uber-versatile botanical formula is ideal for creating virtually any look. TotalControl Styling Creme adds fullness and volume to create gorgeous curls or makes sleek, straight hair when used with a flat iron. Feels virtually weightless and leaves hair soft, shiny and without frizz. Preserve your amazing look for days! (Vegan)

2 oz / $11.00

8.5 oz / $28.00

For volume, apply to damp hair from the roots to ends. For maximum volume, blow-dry hair off the scalp and use a round brush technique for smoothness and lift. For curly hair, apply to wet hair from root to ends, then use fingers to form the ringlet shape you desire and let air dry. For sleek, straight hair, apply to wet or damp hair roots to ends, blow-dry until hair is completely dry, then use flat iron.

Water, pHytoBlend (proprietary concentrate blend of 20 herbs in an aqueous base), Mallow, Flax, Marigold, Camomile, Coco-Caprylate, Corn Starch, SmartScent™, Citrus Seed Extract.

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