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Esthechoc Chocolate

Esthechoc Chocolate

Esthechoc Chocolate

Cambridge Chocolate Technologies is a Cambridge, UK based company that develops and patents products that work from within to improve biomarkers and the physiology of our organs.

Their products are based on a 70% (or higher) cocoa premium dark chocolate and contain a plethora of antioxidants and bioavailable cocoa polyphenols, the the result of 10 years of extensive independent research into cocoa polyphenols and free radicals, as well as clinical exploration and numerous trials with over 3000 participants.  The proud recipient of five prestigious grants and awards, two patents (for the US and the EU), and three further pending patent applications in thirty-five countries, CCT products have clinically proven biological efficacy.

The world’s first clinically proven, anti-aging beauty chocolate, Esthechoc increases microcirculation, cellular turnover, and improves overall skin function. Two bioavailable ingredients, cocoa polyphenols and a plant based algae called astaxanthin, make this possible.  Continued use as a skincare supplement, one piece of esthechoc per day has been shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, minimize or eliminate acne, and smooth skin tone, while also addressing other skin concerns such as dryness, rosacea and discoloration. (Vegan)

3 bars / $7.85

21 bars / $55.00

Eat one piece of Esthechoc per day. We recommend eating it in the morning with your coffee or at night as an delicious and indulgent treat.

Epicatechin polyphenols (from cocoa bean), astaxanthin, soy, cocoa solids, fat-reduced cocoa butter, lecithin (soybeans)

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