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Ellovi Lip Butter

Ellovi Lip Butter

Ellovi Lip Butter in Original

Ellovi was born to disrupt a beauty industry ruled by products laden with artificial ingredients and cheap fillers. They are passionate about crafting pure and nutritional skincare products from plants. Ellovi’s aspiration is not simply to make the best natural skincare products, but the best skincare products of any kind. They believe that what you put on your skin goes more than skin deep, which is why they are committed to keeping their products free of anything that doesn’t come straight from nature.

Lip Butter is a perfectly portable, intensely hydrating moisturizer made from six, highly emollient, nourishing butters and oils to keep your lips nourished and hydrated. Excellent for chapped lips. Made with wildly harvested ingredients. Natural SPF 5. Available in Original, Vanilla and Mint Chocolate, Tinted, Key Lime and more. (Vegan)

.15 oz / $5.00

.15 oz / $5.00

This .15 ounce tube will keep your lips intensely hydrated for months. We recommend using Lip Butter within 1 year.

Original: Sunflower, macadamia, Hawaiian coconut, shea, hemp seed, & African marula
Mint Chocolate: Sunflower, macadamia, Hawaiian coconut, African shea, European cocao & peppermint
Vanilla: Sunflower, macadamia, Hawaiian coconut, shea, vanilla bourbon, & African marula

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