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Borika Mandarin + Cacao Scrub

Borika Mandarin + Cacao Scrub

Borika Body is a cruelty-free, mission driven beauty company that creates organic body products for healthier living. Their natural formulas incorporate local ingredients to support a greener way of life and to help make our world a better place. Founded in early 2015, Borika ships worldwide to a growing and loyal customer base due to their business ethos, superior product performance, and real results.

Powerful enough to treat dry skin, eczema and psoriasis but mild enough for sensitive skin, this Mandarin+Cacao Scrub helps to address these issues without causing redness or irritation. Packed with natural & organic antioxidants, minerals, and healing oils, this blend features cacao grown on local farms in Puerto Rico, almond oil to reduce acne flare-ups and help heal skin rashes. Say hello to fresh, glowing skin! (Vegan)

2 oz – $8.95

8 oz – $19.95

Apply a generous amount to damp skin and gently rub in a circular motion to exfoliate.  Let your skin soak in the antioxidants and nutrients for a couple minutes before rinsing.

Locally Grown Cacao, Almond Oil, Brown Sugar, Mandarin Oil

PRO TIP: It’s fun and messy – you’ll definitely want to use it in the bath or shower! Beware of slippage!  Make sure to watch your footing in the shower and thoroughly wash away any oily residue left behind.

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