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Airbiotics All Purpose Cleanser Concentrate

Airbiotics All Purpose Cleanser Concentrate

Airbiotics All Purpose Cleanser Concentrate

Airbiotics is pioneering a new type of clean with natural and effective probiotic cleaning products. They’ve taken household cleaning to a whole new level — the microscopic level. Airbiotics introduced the concept of deploying safe, environmental stabilizing probiotic protection against harmful indoor contaminants and allergens that can flourish indoors. Developed in conjunction with leading scientists, biologists, engineers, and research labs, and extensively tested, their products work to restore the natural balance of your home’s ecosystem to create a healthy indoor environment. While the science behind cleaning with probiotics is fascinating, it’s not science that drives them, but nature. Airbiotics is inspired by the life they see all around us, big and small – and yes, the life they can’t see because it’s microscopic. This inspiration plus the desire to create healthier, happy homes led them to develop eco-friendly cleaning products.

Nature’s tiny helpers are tough enough to clean any surface and safe to use around kids and pets. Cleans spills, grease, grime, and makes everything shine. Leaves any surface simply feeling fresh and clean. Cleaning with probiotics is unlike anything you’ve used before. Fragrance-free and use non-toxic ingredients to clean in a more natural and healthy way. No harsh chemicals or artificial scents.

5ml Sachet

.33oz / $9.99

1. Shake tube of concentrated All Purpose Cleaner
2. Fill a clean, 16 oz spray bottle with  16 oz of room temperature water
3.  Add 5 mL or 1 capful of concentrated All Purpose Cleaner to water
4.  Shake bottle to mix.
5.  Spray onto surfaces
6.  For best results, wipe with dry microfiber cloth

Purified Water, Proprietary Stabilized Non-GMO Beneficial Probiotics, Surfactants and Enzymes.  As per OSHA standard 1910.1200, this product contains no hazardous chemicals.

Keep out of reach of children. Do not swallow.  If eye contact occurs, rinse with water. Store in sealed container between 40 degrees F (5 degrees C) and 113 degrees F (45 degrees C).  Do not store in direct sunlight and do not freeze.

The Stabiotic Mist, All Purpose Cleaner and Probiotic Hand Cleaner have a 2 year shelf life.  However, since this is a “living” product, once the All Purpose Cleaner concentrate is mixed with water, be sure to use your bottle of All Purpose Cleanser up within a week of mixing.  After that, simply pour the rest down the drain, where it it’s less potent mix will still be working little miracles to help clean pipes and remove odors.

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