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Shea Radiance African Black Soap Body Wash

Shea Radiance African Black Soap Antioxidant Body Wash - Classic    

Shea Radiance Black Soap Antioxidant Body Wash

Shea Radiance creates hair and body care products using natural, clean, effective, highly concentrated active ingredients like Shea Butter, to solve dry and eczema prone skin problems.  Your needs, hers, and ours are all fulfilled with one key ingredient – Shea butter. The needs of their founding team to make better the economic status of women Shea producers in West Africa is met through their cross-cultural supply chain. The needs of their customers to cure their hair and skin ailments are fulfilled through their natural and effective artisan products. The need to connect woman globally and to create an economic pathway for over 16 million African women picking and processing Shea nuts to care and provide for their families is what the Shea Radiance family aims to fulfill.

This unique body wash is the ultimate detoxifying and moisturizing cleanser, leaving skin clear, smooth, and supple and your complexion brightened and toned. This formula combines the purifying benefits of traditional African Black Soap with the moisturizing and antioxidant benefits of colloidal oatmeal to create a creamy, all-natural body wash that works miracles on the skin. Available in scented and unscented. (Vegan)

2 oz / $5.00

16 oz / $18.00

Apply a dime size amount to wet hands, washcloth or loofah to create a gentle lather. Use on face, body or hair and rinse thoroughly. Follow with Shea Butter & Baobab Oil Body Cream.

Distilled Water, Black Soap Base (Saponified Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Palm Oil with ash from cocoa and/or plantain pods), Colloidal Oatmeal and Essential Oils

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