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Portland Bee Balm



Brand and Anika  live in lovely SE Portland  and have kept bees at various residences throughout the area, including now in their backyard. Beekeeping for years as a hobby, it was Brad’s love of honey bees that was the genesis for Portland Bee Balm. True to the DIY spirit they were brought up in, Brad and Anika set out to create a high quality product that reflected the social and environmental values they hold true. It was this same spirit that allowed Brad to express his love of woodworking in the display cases he builds for their product.


Portland Bee Balm is a 100% natural, beeswax based lip balm handmade by beekeepers in Southeast Portland. Beekeeping creates a powerful link between the keeper and their natural environment.  Keeping bees, one becomes keenly aware of the first blooms of spring, the last of fall, and every change in between. Guided by these beliefs and this insight, Portland Bee Balm is made with wax from northwest Oregon hives and just a few other carefully sourced organic and local ingredients.  Support local bees & their keepers AND get super soft, well hydrated lips! Available in Unscented and Oregon Mint. (Contains beeswax)


~Handcrafted and local


Unscented & Mint


Apply generously to lips and cuticles as needed to restore, hydrate and protect.


Certified organic coconut and olive oil, Oregon beeswax, and Oregon organic peppermint oil.

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