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October 2017 Goodbeing Boxes

All members have the choice of choosing 1-2 of the options in their box!
Here are some examples of the October 2017 Goodbeing Boxes.

October 2017 Goodbeing Boxes

example box variety #1

Member Profile: Interested in trying sustainable living/non-toxic goods, likes relaxing aromatherapy oils, wants to heal chronic skin conditions (like acne), quickly reduce acne flare-ups and rebalance excess oil and loves good sleep!

Products: WooBamboo Natural Toothbrush, Curandera Remedies Unwind Oil, Modicum #3 Essential Serum, Good Medicine Beauty Lab Purity Tonicafterspa Sleep Mask

example box variety #2

Member Profile: Loves good sleep, likes trying new natural haircare and/or has issues with split ends and frizz, wants glowing skin and to diminish fine lines & wrinkles, makeup lover and has dry skin or eczema/psoriasis but loves exfoliation

Products: afterspa Sleep Mask, Andalou Naturals Argan Oil & Shea Styling Cream, Modicum #3 Essential Serum, Orglamix Miracle Worker Color Correcting Cream, Borika Mandarin & Cacao Natural Body Scrub  

example box variety #3

Member Profile: Make-up lover that has occasional acne flair ups, interested in trying natural supplements, looking for a new moisturizer/serum, likes haircare & likes travel/on-the-go products

Products: Orglamix Instant Clarity Color Correcting Cream, reBloom Natural Sleep Drink, Modicum #3 Essential Serum, Yarok Feed Your Ends, afterspa Sleep Mask

example box variety #4

Member Profile: In need of body moisturizers, looking for a serum that offers help with pigmentation and anti-aging, interested in natural supplements, likes makeup and concealers that help with dark circles/pigmentation, broken capillaries or blemishes and loves good sleep!

Products: C&Co Rosemary & Lavender Lotion Bar, Modicum #3 Essential Serum, reBloom Natural Sleep DrinkOrglamix Magnetism Eye Primer, afterspa Sleep Mask

example box variety #5

Member Profile: Likes travel/on-the-go products, looking for a new body exfoliator; make-up lover, interested in serums & wants to try natural supplements/beauty elixirs

Products: afterspa Sleep Mask, Borika Coffee+Coconut Natural Body Scrub, Orglamix Lip & Cheek Gelee, Modicum Skincare #3 Essential Serum, reBloom Natural Sleep Drink

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