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Need a new eco-friendly water bottle? Try Glasstic

The common and convenient practice of drinking water and other beverages from plastic bottles comes with many downsides. Plastic water bottles contain many chemicals, like BPA, some of which can interfere with hormones in the body, not to mention the massive body of solid waste generated from disposable plastic bottles (garbage island anyone?).  We love glass for its material safety and aesthetic, however, we’re losing count on the number of super pretty, reusable glass water bottles that have fallen prey to sudden contact with a solid surface.


This is just one of the reasons we were so excited to find Glasstic!  The Glasstic water bottle incorporates a BPA-free plastic shell which contains an inner glass container. It can safely withstand falls, bumps, and other rough handling far better than glass alone. Also, should the bottle break, the plastic shell keeps glass and water from getting everywhere, meaning it can be taken places where glass bottles typically are not allowed. The entire Glasstic bottle can be disassembled into its 4 components: the inner glass container, the outer plastic shell, the top lid with drinking spout and lock, and the bottom cap for easy access cleaning.

        The first thing we noticed when we opened our Glasstic water bottle was the lack of chemical odors, which is so common in new, reusable water bottles. This often gives them that funky taste (until you’ve washed it about 500 times). The lid also incorporates a carrying handle if you like to clip your water bottle to your bag.

        While the safety of the glass and protection of the plastic housing is pretty great, easily the best feature of this water bottle is the lid. It’s leak proof! The lid on the bottle features a locking flip-top, which gives access to a narrow spout for drinking (we don’t know about you but we appreciate the narrowness as we may or may not have accidentally spilled water all down our front at one point). The lock means no more soaking wet gym clothes because your water bottle decided it was going to pop open at the most inopportune moment. Unscrew the lid and the water bottle features a nice wide mouth; easily wide enough to fit ice cubes and great for easy filling.

        The Glasstic water bottle has a slim, cylindrical design aesthetic that while simple, is also chic, and is available in a large variety of colors and patterns: from simple, solid-colored lids with a clear bottle to vintage-style paisley. While the bottle is made of regular, non-tempered glass, the outer shell makes it unlikely that the glass container will break from normal use.  However, if the glass does break for any reason, Glasstic offers a 1-year warranty. Glasstic replacements are also only $7.99, so if, after the one year, your bottle breaks, you will not need to replace the whole set up. Starting at $14.99, the Glasstic water bottle is also a very reasonable price, especially when factoring in the warranty. They also offer multi-packs at a discount.

        The only downsides, and really, with all the benefits we think they’re pretty minor, it is on the heavy side compared to other reusable water bottles and the spout is not easy to drink from mid-jog or while walking. The heft comes from the study design of the double wall and makes it heavier than most basic plastic bottles and only slightly heavier than a glass water bottle, but you definitely won’t feel like you have a brick on your bag. But hey, it’s safe, sturdy, looks good and is reasonably priced, so all things considered, we’re happy to stop, heft and enjoy.  Plus, thinking of it as a water filled free weight on your next walk makes it less of a problem to take a break – buffer biceps (and healthy hydration) here we come!