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MSC Skincare + Home Scent Soy Candle



MSC Skincare + Home is proud to bring you the finest collection of products for your bath, body, and home. their products are hand made in Brooklyn, NY and features a plethora of custom fragrance blends, all made in-house (they are a pro-coffee kind of people). MSC always welcome your feedback and hopes you love their collection of artisan goods as much as they love making them for you.


A favorite unisex blend, Scent 003 is musky and heady, with precious woods complemented by complex aged patchouli. Top notes include Jasmine & Myrrh; Middle notes include: Oud Wood, Geranium & Muget; while base notes include: Tobacco Flower, Cedarwood & Aged Patchouli. This lovely all natural candle will give you 60 hours of burn time. All msc skincare + home products are hand-made in Brooklyn, NY and feature a plethora of custom, all natural fragrance blends made in-house. (Vegan)


~ 100% pure soy wax
~ Recyclable glass jar
~ Cotton-core wick




Light somewhere you’d like to indulge your olfactory senses.

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