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Moondani Naturals Breath Mist


Moondani Breath Mist
Moondani Naturals is a natural breath mist for the health and beauty conscious girl on the go.  They are dedicated to producing products with no additives, preservatives, alcohol or sweeteners. Their journey began selling financial software. Their founder was constantly on the go between lunch meetings and client calls, where fresh breath is imperative.  After finding numerous gum pieces open and sticking to the bottom of her purse, which only just masked my breath in the first place, she ended up chewing on cardamom seeds and  asked herself why isn’t this sold as a breath freshener?

She looked into alternative fresheners and when she realized one didn’t exist, she began telling her friends and family her ideas and started the journey to create Moondani Natural Breath Mist. Moondani has an exotic flavor and they are committed to using only the purest ingredients so that everyone has a chance to experience everlasting fresh breath.

Made of organic, natural, and non-gmo ingredients, Moondani is the perfect way to everlasting fresh breath. (Vegan)

Full Size

~Breath Freshening
~Healthy for teeth with no added sugars


Shake well before using. Spray 1 or 2 times in the mouth to cleanse and freshen breath.

Distilled Water, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Ginger Extract, Cardamom Oil, Fennel Oil, Natural Flavors

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