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May Day :: Flower Crown Tutorial

Flower Crown Tutorial with Goodbeing

Flower Crown Tutorial with Goodbeing

It is officially May! Time to celebrate the gorgeous season with nothing less than a flower crown. Here is an easy step by step guide to making your very own stunning crown of blooms.

What you need:

  • Blooms
  • 24 Gage and 26 Gage wire in gold or copper
  • Scissors
  • A little imagination and patience
  1. Harvest your favorite wild flowers. If you are short on wild flowers pick up some of your favorites from a Farmers Market or local Florist
  2.  Cut a large piece of the 24 Gage wire, fit it around your head and then create a crown shape and wrap the ends around one another to close.
  3.  Pick your flowers out and think about how you want to arrange them (there truly is no right or wrong way).
  4.  Cut a small piece of your 26 Gage wire and carefully wrap it around the bottom of the bloom, then wrap it around your brow tightly but gently as to not damage the flower.
  5. You will repeat this process until your flower crown is complete! We love half flower crowns, meaning the blooms are featured on the front and sides leaving the back bare. But feel free to wrap flowers all the way around or even fewer just in the front. It is up to you. Enjoy!