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Maggie Davis of Paxi Skin Care

Paxi Skin Care provides nourishing, effective skincare based on organic, natural ingredients along with the thoughtful addition of safe active ingredients, to help give you the kind of glow you get on a restful vacation. Paxi is based in Portland, Oregon in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Known for its pioneer spirit, the region is filled with makers of all sorts, each with a unique point of view and love of the natural beauty around us. With roots there, Paxi looks near and far for inspiration and ingredients. Read more about the brand & founder, Maggie Davis below.

DIVE DEEP: Maggie Davis of Paxi Skin Care

Maggie Davis of Paxi Skin Care

What’s your favorite part about running Paxi Skin Care?

Oh, great question! It’s actually a tough one for me as I really have two favorites:

  • Researching and developing skin care products, with mostly natural and organic ingredients, to help make skin look great – especially my own skin. Anything I create has to satisfy me, and I am one tough customer!
  • Sharing my passion for natural skin care with others. It’s really such a joy for me to talk about skin care, and to help people feel better about the skin they’re in!

 What sets Paxi Skin Care apart from other lines on the market today?

  • We’ve worked really hard to create a high-quality, primarily plant-based skin care line that rivals the best on the market, but priced so that it’s accessible to more people. I am really proud that we’ve accomplished this.
  • We’ve created products that are effective, often including vitamins and cosmeceuticals in a natural ingredient base, are vegan, and gluten-, paraben-, and cruelty-free. They also feel great when you put them on. And the results – well, there’s a reason why our tagline is  – ‘Glow with Paxi’We’ve found that people using Paxi really notice a positive change in how their skin looks and feels.
  • Since we primarily sell online we package all of our products in such a way that you feel like you are receiving a present when you open them up! It’s so much fun.

What was the first product available to customers to purchase?

I’ll never forget that first sale! The first product available for purchase was the Grape Acai Firming Moisturizer, sold to a male friend. Yes, guys care about skin care too and I am happy to report that my guy friend still buys this moisturizer and has been a great “test bunny” for our Night Bright Eye Balm.

Of the products you make, which is your favorite?

Oh, that’s like asking a parent who their favorite child is! If I must answer, I suppose my favorite product is the Calm Skin Cleansing Oil. Before I made this ridiculously amazing cleansing oil, I HATED to wash my face at night, and now I LOVE to wash my face at night. It really starts the nighttime ritual after a busy day for me – helping me wind down and calm down.

What is your morning routine? evening?

Mornings are easy, as the nighttime routine is where I spend more time to prep for this important time when the body goes into a recovery and restoration mode. So, let’s start with the end of day ritual!

Evening ritual: I start by grabbing a washcloth and running warm water over the cloth, ringing it out, and keeping the washcloth at the ready. I dispense Paxi’s Calm Skin Cleansing Oil in the palm of my dry hand, then rub my hands together and gently massage it over my face and neck. Because of the mix of luxurious oils used in the formula, it feels so great on your skin. I finish by gently working the cleansing oil around my eye area. It’s great not having to use a second product to remove eye makeup. Even waterproof mascara comes off!

The next super important step is to take the warm washcloth and apply it to my whole face, keeping the warm cloth on my face white taking a glorious moment to breath in deeply. The smell of the Cleansing Oil is just so calming (hence the name!). I then gently wipe the oil from my skin, flipping the washcloth over, running fresh water over the cloth, wringing it out, and wiping one more time. The washcloth helps provide mild exfoliation, as well as removing the dirt, makeup and impurity of the day.

The rest of the evening ritual goes quickly following with the Hydro-Boost Toning Mist (featured in Goodbeing!) sprayed on a cotton pad, wiping any remaining impurities from my skin, and toning which preps it for the next step … my “skin supplement” aka Paxi’s Vitamin B Serum.

The Vitamin B Serum has become a critical part of my evening and day regime because it has made a noticeable improvement to the appearance of my skin. A key reason is the formula includes Niacinamide (vitamin B3) – a well-researched, skin-beneficial ingredient that visibly improves skin in just a few weeks. Organic Aloe, hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 also work to help hydrate and treat skin. Suffice to say, that if I could pick a second favorite Paxi product, the Vitamin B Serum would be it!

I follow with a few drops of the Azure Facial Serum (my third most favorite Paxi product), with Night Bright Eye Balm layered over it. After swiping on our Plump-It Up Lip Balm to help hydrate and soften my lips, I am ready for bed. Hurrah!!

Morning: I simply apply the Hydro-Boost Toning Mist on a cotton round, wipe my face, apply the Vitamin B Serum, our Hydro-Firming Eye Serum, and Azure Facial Serum and, importantly, apply sunscreen…my favorite is Coola’s 30 SPF BB lotion. If I am putting makeup on, I set it with Hydro-Boost Toning Mist (before mascara).

As you can see, the nighttime ritual is where I spend the bulk of my self care time. After a busy day working, being a mom and wife, taking some time for myself at night is a welcome way to relax and decompress.

What 3 tips or tricks can you share for feeling and looking your best?

  • Self love and confidence go a long way in helping you feel and look your best. Just think about a time you felt really good about yourself. That inner feeling really radiates out to the world and manifests into looking and feeling great.
  • Wash your face at night and at least do one treatment. Your skin will thank you.
  • Take care of what you put in your body because what we put in our bodies is more important than what we put on it. For me, reducing sugar, dairy and simple carbohydrates helped reduce inflammation. A few years ago I developed a gluten sensitivity that manifests as a skin rash, and now that I have to avoid foods with gluten, it has been really helpful in reducing the consumption of simple carbs.

What’s a trend in the wellness/beauty industry you’d like to see grow?

More innovation in sustainable packaging. I’d like to see less plastic, acrylic and non-recyclable packaging available. Most of our products are packaged in glass, and there are trade-offs with shipping heavier products, but we prefer it over throw-away plastic.

Thanks Maggie!



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