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A LOOK INSIDE :: UVO Skin Protection Supplement

Dr Bobby AwadallaSM

Highly-respected dermatologist and surgeon, Bobby Awadalla, MD brings his extensive knowledge of dermatology and state-of-the-art expertise in skin cancer removal, facial plastic reconstruction and cosmetic dermatology to his role as the inventor and entrepreneur behind UVO. He’s had a lifelong love affair with his original homeland, Greece, where the ocean and sun is part of everyday life, whether for leisure, sport or making a living. For years, he heard all the reasons why people avoid sunscreen – they don’t like the smell, the feel, the burning in their eyes, or the hassle of reapplying. Because he sees the effects of sunlight on unprotected skin firsthand every day – and because of his own personal passion for outdoor life, Dr. Awadalla spent years researching natural alternative methods of providing sun protection and repair, which led him to develop UVO.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 (beauty & wellness) products could you not live without?  (You have food and water)
If I was stuck on a deserted island I would want things to help protect my skin from the harsh conditions. I would definitely want a sunscreen with the highest SPF possible. We often hear that anything above SPF 30 doesn’t provide more protection but that is only true if you apply as directed. The directions are to use one shot size glass of sunscreen every two hours to the body and face to get the protection advertised on the bottle. This means that an 8 oz bottle of sunscreen would last us 2 days. Medical studies tell us that very few people actually do this. I would also want a steroid cream in case I got into some plants that gave me hives or for bug bite relief. Lastly I would bring plenty of UVO to help protect and repair my skin from the inside out.

What is your morning beauty routine? evening?
In the morning I always recommend starting with a gentle cleanser. Then apply an antioxidant cream and sunscreen. Before I walk out the door I grab a bottle of UVO. These help protect and repair my skin throughout the day. At night I recommend Tretinoin to help with skin turnover and a growth factor serum to help increase collagen.

What 3 tips or tricks can you share for feeling and looking your best?
The 3 things shown to help you to not only feel your best but also look your best are the same 3 things we always hear about: 1) drink plenty of water, 2) exercise and 3) sleep well. These three things help you feel better but are also really important for skin health. Water helps hydrate the skin so it looks plump and beautiful, exercise helps increase blood flow thus increasing nutrient delivery and toxin removal from the skin. Lastly, studies show that our skin repairs itself during sleep, so make sure to get at least 8 hours.

What’s your favorite part about running UVO?
The best part of running UVO is getting out there and introducing people to this revolutionary product. I talk to my patients on a daily basis about UVO and teach them about the benefits of supplementation for the skin and after a few weeks they come to me and thank me because they see an improvement in their skin. I also speak to hundreds of people at our events and teach them that the skin is the largest organ and it needs vitamins, antioxidants and phytonutrients to work at an optimal level. The lectures I have given to physicians at medical conferences are also very important as this is a relatively new field and we need to educate professionals about the importance of skin supplementation.

What’s a trend in the supplement industry you’d like to see grow?
What we are doing at UVO is new and revolutionary. This is the first supplement specifically made to protect and repair the skin from sun damage on a day-to-day basis as well as repair years of cumulative damage when taken daily.

What trend would you like to see disappear?
I see many supplements that have one or two ingredients that do something specific. Most supplement companies will release 5, 10 or 20 different supplements that each have one or two active ingredients. This aims at getting people to buy numerous supplements from their line to get different benefits. At UVO our goal is the improve skin function as a whole and that is why we have more than 30 vitamins, antioxidants and phytonutrients at the highest levels you can find on the market. In fact, if our powder pack came in capsules, you would need to take 8. If it is good for the skin we have included it. That is why UVO has 3 functions. Drinking UVO 1) 30 minutes before sun exposure provides up to 5 hours of protection 2) After sun exposure provides sunburn relief and 3) On a daily basis provides repair of long-term damage.

Of the products you make, which is your favorite?
The powder pack is great for travel because you can throw a ton of packs into your bag. It is also great for people that incorporate supplements into their daily routine. They often mix it with their morning green juice or powder protein as a boost. The bottle is great as a refreshing drink on the go. You really can’t go wrong, it just depends what you are looking for.

What sets UVO apart from other lines on the market today?
UVO is doing something unique by introducing skin health from within. Most of everything we have in the skin care industry is topically applied. We are taught by the industry by what is available that skin care comes from the outside. In reality, the skin’s primary function is a barrier meant to keep things out. We don’t realize that the skin has an intricate vascular system to deliver key nutrients in order for proper function. We are using this fact to provide the most powerful vitamins, antioxidants and phytonutrients directly to the skin where they can help improve the function of the skin.

We all know healthy beauty starts with what we put in our bodies.  What 3 tips can you share about beauty from the inside out? (think superfoods, supplements, teas, elixirs and the like)
1) Scientific studies show vitamins C and E, work together to help prevent and repair cellular damage caused by UV radiation. Good sources of vitamin C include red, green or yellow peppers (highest amounts of vitamin C), guava, citrus fruit, berries, parsley and kale. Good sources of vitamin E, are wheat germ oil (highest amount of vitamin E out of all raw foods), spices (chili powder or paprika), almonds, sunflower seeds, peanut butter, avocados, dark leafy greens like spinach and broccoli.

2) Lycopene, lutein and beta-carotene also help provide protection from sunburn can help repair the skin and regulate skin turnover. Lycopene is found in large quantities in guavas, tomatoes, watermelons, papaya and grapefruit. Beta-carotene can be found in carrots, sweet potatoes, dark green leafy vegetables like spinach. Lutein can be found in eggs, Leafy greens like spinach, kale, turnip greens, collard greens, and romaine lettuce, broccoli, zucchini. garden peas and brussels sprouts.

3) Green tea can help protect you from UV damage if consumed daily and can help decrease redness and inflammation.

What do you do to stay active and why?
My favorite activity is swimming, especially in Greece where the sea is calm and the water so clear you can see through it for 100 feet. When I am home my favorite beach is Corona Del Mar. If the weather doesn’t permit, I settle for a swim at my gym.

Serious stuff. Which ingredients do you avoid at all costs? 
At UVO we strive to make our products as natural and healthy as possible. We will never use preservatives or artificial flavors and our powder packets are gluten-free and vegan.