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A LOOK INSIDE Skin Owl with Annie Tevelin

Skin Owl

Meet Annie Tevelin of Skin Owl! This gracious lady set on a mission to create skincare that truly worked and was gentle on the environment and on our health. SkinOwl’s sole mission is to educate both men + women about their skin & deliver the best products so that skin “care” can be the catalyst to caring about every genuinely important facet of your life. And why not? Your happiness is worth all the world’s weight in gold. Get to know more about this incredible woman and her extraordinary company!

1. If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 (beauty & wellness) products could you not live without? (You have food and water)
I would never be able to live with my Mangosteen Beauty Drops. It does something to my skin that is inexplicable. I love my Tammy Fender Epi-Peel. I use it twice a week and get anxious when I start to run out. I also can’t live without my Eyes of Horus mascara. Every girl needs good lashes on an island, especially when no one else is there to see them.

2. What 3 tips or tricks can you share for feeling and looking your best?
I love walking my dog every morning. It sets the tone for the day and gives me a moment to bond with my pup before starting my work day. I meditate before I get out of bed every morning or on my way to sleep. I’ve started remembering my dreams again as a result. I also feel like I’m more in tune with what I really want when asked. Lastly, I love massages. Just like I wouldn’t miss a doctor’s appointment, I make sure never to miss a massage appointment. It’s easy to push them back and say, “I don’t NEED to do that today, that’s indulgent.” I try to keep those appointments at all costs because of how good I feel afterwards.

3. What’s your favorite part about running Skin Owl?
Every day is different. For someone who likes change and new challenges, this is the perfect job. I get to decide how I want to inspire people. I get to leave a mark on the world and be on the good side of history. And because SkinOwl is in pursuit of health and transparency, I get to practice authenticity everyday. While hard work, it’s a dream. I couldn’t imagine working harder on anything else.

4. What sets Skin Owl apart from other lines on the market today?
I think SkinOwl is a fearless company. While the team is small, we are all risk takers. We try and stretch our wings beyond solely creating a skincare line. We are a lifestyle brand – one that focuses heavily on inspiring self-care. Connecting with people is the most important thing to us. We make it a point to seek out these relationships alongside providing people with a healthy, sound skincare regimen.

Skin Owl

5. Serious stuff. Which ingredients do you avoid at all costs?
Fragrance is the number one ingredient to steer clear from. Fragrance can essentially be anything, as it is a trade secret. You don’t have to divulge what is in “Parfum” or “Fragrance” on an ingredient deck, which makes it the most vile ingredient of all. If you don’t know what it is, how can you guarantee it’s safety. Nope. I also steer clear of PEG and PPG with a vengeance. They are directly linked to causing cancer and mass tumors.

6. What do you do to stay active and why?
I swim 3-4 times a week. I was a competitive swimmer when I was younger. I stopped because it became a chore. Now that I’m older, whenever I swim, I feel like a kid again. It comforts me. It’s nostalgic and a really good influence on me.

7. Do you have a favorite beauty boosting meal you’d like to share a recipe for?
Forbidden black rice with avocado and hummus and grapes. I can’t explain it. It’s the best thing in the world. It’s juicy, creamy, crunchy and FULL of antioxidants. It’s the best snack and I have it at least three times a week. I want it right now.

8. What’s the hardest or most important life lesson you’ve learned?

“You’re not born with self-worth.”

In a perfect world, we would all come out of the womb knowing our power. Knowing how pure our heart is. Knowing we are enough. If I had known that self-worth was a muscle to be worked on throughout life, I think I would have saved myself a lot of time and sadness. I always just took who I was at face value, without realizing that I needed to give myself a bit more forgiveness or care. In a world that constantly forces us to compare, contrast and compete, I know that self-worth is a practice. To know you are enough is the best feeling in the world. Everything opens up to you when you find that the best relationship you have is the one you have with yourself.

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