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A Look Inside Everwell For Life with founder Maria Gao

A Look Inside Everwell For Life with founder Maria

Maria Gao of Everwell For Life

“In my past life as a management consultant, spending more time in the air than on the ground, more time in hotels than in my own bed and constantly eating out, I quickly realized the need to bolster my own health with supplements. While doing research and creating my own supplements regimen, I noticed a gap in the market for products that were tasty, versatile, accessible, and effective for the modern on-the-go lifestyle. I was carrying boring old 7 day pillboxes for my vitamin needs and noticed that most vitamin packaging was unattractive and cumbersome. So I zoned in on creating a product to address those needs, and that’s how EVERBIOTICS and Everwell for Life came to be” – Maria Gao


1. If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 (beauty & wellness) products could you not live without? (you have food and water)
I plan on looking well-preserved for centuries, yes centuries to come, so naturally, my top 1 beauty product would be a cushion compact (CC) moisturizer, foundation and sunscreen all in one. I would definitely also have Everbiotics with me, because I don’t like drinking plain water, and could use all the synbiotics and antioxidants. Last but not least, my SonicCare toothbrush, because having a dirty mouth makes the rest of me feel dirty too, even if I’m not.

2. What is your morning beauty routine? evening?
I’m all about efficiency and minimum effort for maximum gain, so my beauty routine is largely focused on functional and versatile skincare. I start off my morning with a cup of green tea because coffee is my worst enemy, it either puts me to sleep or makes me feel like I’m about to have a heart attack, no idea why. When I’m actually awake and capable of functioning as a human being after tea, I start with a hydrating face wash, followed by my favorite toner ever (witch hazel rose water, non alcoholic), then a brightening and hydrating Vitamin C with Hyaluronic Acid serum to even out complexion, followed by a collagen infused hydrating moisturizer. I always finish with sunscreen. This steps varies because if I’m feeling lazy I’ll just wear a tinted SPF sunscreen. If I can spare the extra effort, I’ll use a natural mineral toning makeup primer with SPF, and finish my complexion with my favorite CC cushion compact, for some foundation coverage and additional SPF protection.

At night, after dinner when I’m craving something sweet, I pour one stick of EVERBIOTICS into a cup of water and sip on it for the rest of the night. Before bed I take everything off with my favorite makeup remover – Bioderma. Same cleanser, toner, but instead of a moisturizer, I’ll finish with a leave-on overnight mask. Twice a week, I also forego all skincare after cleansing for prescription grade retinol cream.

3. Not including your own brand, what are 3 of your must have beauty /wellness products?
Hera UV Mist Cushion Compact (SPF 50) – moisturizer, foundation and sun block all in one, providing the perfect amount of natural I need while providing other skincare benefits.
OZNaturals Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid – on days when I skip this step I have noticeable differences in my skin tone and texture.
Renova Retin A Cream – prescription only, my dermatologist swears by this as the only anti-aging product (along with sunscreen) that you’ll ever need.

4. What do you do to stay active and why?
I started getting into aerial yoga awhile back and it is so much fun! It’s actually not as hard as it may seem and really rewarding when you learn and remember to get in and out of the poses you pick up. If you enjoy yoga and you aren’t scared of heights, and/or going upside down, I strongly recommend it! I also really enjoy bikram yoga because I have trouble turning off my mind and my thoughts are always racing. In bikram, the temperature and the bootcamp style instructions really force me to stay in the moment and focus on my asanas. By subjecting myself to those extreme conditions it has the contrasting effect of keeping my mind calm.

5. Serious stuff. Which ingredients do you avoid at all costs?
Avoid ingredients that have not been shown / proven by the FDA as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe). This is general guidance not just when shopping for vitamins and supplements, but anything you put in your body. Most consumers assume that brands and manufacturers do the due diligence of making sure their ingredients have the GRAS designation, and while most brands and manufacturers do keep this in mind when formulating their products, this is not a guarantee. This is why it’s important to always read over the supplement facts for main ingredients and other ingredients. A quick google with the ingredient name followed by GRAS will tell you if a specific ingredient has been shown to be generally regarded as safe.

6. What sets Everwell For Life apart from other lines on the market today?
Due to my background in management consulting in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, I’ve learned that the supplements industry is not nearly as regulated as pharmaceuticals. Because of this, and the discussion around GRAS as mentioned earlier, not all supplements are created equally. At Everwell For Life, we set the bar higher and only work with the best suppliers every step of our supply chain to deliver premium products. From sourcing the ingredients, to blending of our products, to packaging and distribution, we work with suppliers and manufacturers that have long track records, are FDA compliant, and who are audited / inspected on a consistent basis to ensure safety and efficacy.

7. What’s the hardest or most important life lesson you’ve learned?
As a professional working woman and a female entrepreneur, it’s important to speak up, be assertive and be comfortable with the idea of self promotion and negotiating for yourself. I used to think that if I let my actions speak for themselves, and just knock it out of the park, people will see and recognize me for those accomplishments. But, I’ve learned that you can’t idly wait for someone else to acknowledge you, for that ‘pat on the back’ because you’ve done a great job and people see it. You have to fight for yourself, and often times, you have to fight hard. I was never comfortable with the idea of tooting my own horn, and I realized much later on that it hurt me earlier on in my career. I also learned, later on, that women tend to consistently understate their own achievements, so I would encourage others who have had similar experiences to not only embraces successes, but to celebrate and flaunt them.

Thanks Maria!

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