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January 2015 Goodebox

The January 2015  Goodebox has shipped!

Happy New Year!

It’s a time for new beginnings!  We love a fresh start, a clean slate, another chance to improve ourselves.  What that means is up to you.  Maybe it’s a healthier diet, getting more exercise, learning a new craft, language or trade, making travel plans, giving back to those less fortunate, or looking inward and re-prioritizing what’s most important to you.  The world is your oyster!  We’re here to support you with healthier beauty & natural wellness products so you can seize life with both hands, full of energy, exuding wellness and with your best face (hair & body) forward.  From products that give back while serving you well to unique solutions to common complaints, this month’s collection will help you feel ready to face the world and this New Year with a smile.

We ship a variety of product combinations each month, based on Member Profiles.   A few items are common in all boxes, and a few are different.The combination shown here is one of several possible combinations.  Enjoy!

Here’s to the new and improved you! (And us!  Heck, we’ve all got some work to do… )

Jan box 2015