healthy beauty + natural wellness delivered

How it Works

1. Choose a Box Type & Plan

Your call – All Beauty or for a mix of products, the Lifestyle box. Choose a monthly plan or a pre-paid annual membership to save 15%. You can always switch and try a different box or plan in the future.

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2. Personalize

A detailed member profile about product preferences & unique concerns, plus the option to choose 1-2 items each month means a personalized selection of products to meet your needs.

3. Enjoy!

Discover and try new healthy beauty, natural wellness & sustainable living products every month. Separate the “must haves” from the “not so much”, share what you love with friends and family, earn rewards & shop with exclusive member discounts.

Goodbeing is a trial & discovery service providing expertly curated healthy beauty, personal care products and natural wellness products, along with natural & organic health, wellness, sustainable living and lifestyle goods.  Each Goodbeing box includes a pre-screened (meaning we and our experts have tried them and liked them) selection of 4 to 5 the best products and services out there, in mixed sizes, from sample to trial size, travel to full size.

Here’s How it works: There’s a learning curve when it comes to finding products that are not only good for you and the planet, but perform well too.  Goodbeing helps shorten that learning curve, doing the legwork for you on ingredients, brand ethics, and performance, then allowing you to give it a try it before committing to buying a full size product. Members also receive exclusive offers, giveaways, sneak peeks at upcoming products, members-only opportunities for product giveaways, practical tips and more. It’s a gift to yourself (or someone else), that arrives on the doorstep every month…a little surprise to look forward to and a way to take better care of yourself, one small step at a time.

Member Benefits:

  • Rewards Program – earn free products just for being a member. Learn more here. 
  • Customized selection of products picked for you based on your member profile each month
  • Generally double value of what you pay in each box
  • Discounts on single deluxe and bonus boxes (generally, sometimes we cannot give them)
  • Exclusive set of special offers (up to 50% off) from the brands featured that month (so you can buy what you love!)
  • The option to choose 1-2 of the products you receive each month out of a selection
  • 20% off all Standard Goodbeing Gift orders. Details here.
  • Free Shipping