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Gut Health and Wellness with Lovebug Probiotics


“All disease begins in the gut.” Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, was wise beyond his years when he coined this phrase more than 2,000 years ago. Our bodies are ill-equipped with the current lifestyles and conditions we are facing in our environment.

But what to do? We asked Love Bug Probiotics to give us the low down on gut health and the importance of building a strong and healthy microbiome!

A severe imbalance to our microbiome can lead to many illnesses including, but not limited to: autoimmune disorders, food allergies, chronic infections, eczema, irritable bowel syndrome, genital infections and many more.

Studies show that more than 70 million Americans suffer from digestive “gut” problems. A healthy gut is the basis of good health. In fact about 70% of our immune system lives in our gut. Many are suffering from an extreme imbalance in the microbiome where “bad” bugs outweigh the “good” bugs that maintain a healthy digestive tract. Our bodies rely on a good balance of good and bad “bugs” (bacteria) to ensure that we are getting the proper enzymes and healthy microbes to help support and strengthen our immune system. There are a growing number of consumers taking control of their own health. Many are in fact, turning to probiotics.

“Our microbiome is a delicate ecosystem that needs a combination of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bugs to function normally,” explains Ashley Harris, CEO and Founder of LoveBug.

“Probiotics are ‘good’ bacteria that live naturally in your gut.  These microorganisms, when properly balanced, act to support your immune system, aid in digestion, support your skin, hair and keep everything in your body running smoothly. We created LoveBug to help people improve their gut health and overall well-being.”

LoveBug probiotics is a complete line of premium probiotics for the whole family to help achieve and maintain optimal gut health.  Products range from adult health, pre-natal and post-natal, children and babies health.  It features BIO-tract®, a patented delivery technology scientifically developed to be 15 times more effective in getting microorganisms past the stomach acid barrier and to their final destination in your digestive tract, where they do their health-boosting work.  It also boasts formulas that are Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free and Sugar-Free.

The products in the line-up all help to repopulate the gut with good bacteria for health-boosting benefits plus more:

  • Here’s the Skinny™ helps aid in digestion and metabolism. Also helps increase energy level and boosts mood
  • Colds Suck™ helps boost the immune system with Zinc, Vitamin C and Echinacea
  • Yeast is a Beast™ helps control candida growth and fight against UTIs and yeast infection
  • Labor of Love™ is formulated for pregnant and nursing moms and is formulated with folic acid to help promote optimal immune response for mother and child
  • Little Ones™ is formulated for children 4 years and up to help to boost immunity and aid in digestion and metabolism
  • Tiny Tummies™ is formulated for babies 12 months-4 years and helps to build and strengthen the microbiome for better heath development

“Sugar feeds the bad bugs,” continues Harris.  “We wanted to create the most natural, effective formulas for optimal gut health for everyone in the family.”

We at Goodbeing love to support brands that bring wellness to people all over. Accessible, effective and made from nature.

To learn more about LoveBug Probiotics, visit: or read the Q&A with founder Ashley Harris here.