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GOODE Giving Day 7: Introducing the NEW Tween & Teen Goodebox

12 days of giving - Day 7 MC




Great news!  Goodebox now offers a perfect box for your daughter, niece, sister or any young lady in your life. It’s never too early to start taking care of our bodies, starting with making sure what goes on our skin & hair is free from less than healthy ingredients.  Perfect for ages 10-12 (tween) and 13-17 (teen), Goodebox has sourced some healthy, effective and fun facial care, body care, hair care, personal hygiene and makeup  that’s free of hormone disrupting chemicals, more naturally formulated, healthy & fun!  Imagine toxin free blemish control, paraben free body lotions, healthier nail color, aluminum free deodorant and so much more.  Help the young lady in your life learn what healthy self care is all about.

How it works:  Click the Give Goodebox button above, create an account, choose the # of months you would like to give, when the Gift Membership is to be emailed and enter a message for the recipient.  She will receive an email indicating the gift has been bestowed, or, enter your own email to have it sent to yourself to print out.  Depending on their age and understanding, they can either complete the profile themselves, or, a helpful adult can guide them through the process to make sure they select the options best suited to their needs.  Please Note: If you’re already a member yourself (awesome!) and you plan to help the recipient complete their Member Profile, make sure to enter an email address for the recipient that is different from your own to ensure two separate Member Profiles & accounts are created.  The Gift Membership will need to be “Claimed” (which happens when the recipient clicks the link in the Gift Email) from the recipient’s email account to ensure the two Member Profiles remain separate, so, be sure not to claim a Giftee’s gift from your own email account! When completing the profile, choose the appropriate age range (10-13 or 14-17) and the Teen & Tween Box Type, the proceed to complete the rest of the profile.  Keep in mind that our profile is universal and some questions will not pertain to young women in this age group.  Simply indicate no interest where questions are not applicable.

Here’s to supporting our girls and the true meaning of beauty – healthy, thoughtful choices to support a strong, confident sense of self!


The Goodebox Team