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February 2017 Goodbeing Boxes


example box variety #1

Member Profile: Enjoys facial treatments, wants thicker, longer lashes & brows, tends to have oil or break out prone skin, is interested in anti-aging and wants light day time moisture & protection.

Products: B True Beauty All Natural Lash Enhancer,  Biodara Coconut Brightening Matcha Mask, Pangea Organics Argentinean Tangerine & Thyme Facial Toner, Seaweed Bath Co Restoring Marine Serum, Seaweed Bath Co. Restore + Protect Day Cream


example box variety #2

Member Profile: Wants general hygiene products; seeking anti-aging, collagen boosting, skin brightening treatments; Is interested in anti-aging; Has dry skin & needs extra rich moisture and enjoys facial treatments

Products: Mychelle Perfect  C Radiance Lotion, Kaia Naturals The Takesumi Juicy Bamboo Detox Deodorant, Seaweed Bath Co. Restoring Marine Serum, Seaweed Bath Co. Restoring Marine Night TherapyBiodara Coconut Matcha Brightening Mask


example box variety #3

Member Profile: Looking for supplements to support hair, skin & nails; tends toward dry to sensitive skin; is interested in anti-aging; enjoys bath & body care and enjoys facial treatments and smoother skin. 

Products: New Chapter Perfect Hair, Nails & Skin, Pangea Organics French Rosemary with Sweet Orange Facial Toner, Seaweed Bath Co. Marine Restoring Marine Serum, Mi-Me Vertivert Dark Sugar Scrub and Biodara Coconut Matcha Brightening Mask.


example box variety #4

Member Profile: Wants thicker, longer lashes & brows; Wants to try “on the go” washes; often has dry skin and/or chapped lips; enjoys eye color and is interested in anti-aging. 

Products: Be True Beauty All Natural Eyelash Enhancer, Yuni No Rinse Body Cleansing FoamAmerican Providence Natural Essential Oils Lip Balm in Cardamom, Pure Anada Loose Mineral Eyeshadow, Seaweed Bath Co. Restoring Marine Serum


example box variety #5

Member Profile: Interested in products to plump lips; enjoys facial treatments; looking for high quality supplements; is interested in anti-aging; has dry skin and/or chapped lips. 

Products: Devita Natural Skincare Lip Science Lip Plumper, Biodara Coconut Matcha Brightening Mask, New Chapter Every Women’s Daily Multi-Vitamin, Seaweed Bath Co. Restoring Marine Serum, American Provenance Natural Essential Oil Lip Balm in Mint