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Eat Green Tea Organic Whole Leaf Green Tea


Eat Green Tea has spent over a year, and many thousands of dollars, to find organic green tea with the highest levels of antioxidants and lowest levels of toxins anywhere so that you can safely enjoy the benefits of eating this highly medicinal plant. They buy directly from a tea farm that grows 100% organic crop, test the leaves for heavy metals & sell directly to the customer making sure they get the most reasonable price for the purest product.


No need to pack a kettle or suffer through a hot drink to reap the benefits of green tea while on-the-go these warm summer days! Eat Green Tea brings you hand picked whole green tea leaves that boast up to 10,000% higher antioxidant value than their brewed counterpart. With anti inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties (to name only a few health benefits!), think of these tea leaves as must-have addition to your travel medicine bag. Its a fact catechins, the real powerhouses of the green tea plant, are lost during the brewing process, so do yourself a favor and eat the whole leaf!

Key Ingredient:

  • Camelia Sinesis – Loaded with flavonoids, a potent variety of antioxidants ,that support healing of a whole host of conditions ranging anywhere from arthritis to stress to weight loss.


Blend into smoothies, sprinkle onto salads and don’t be shy, work the leaves into your favorite soup, stew, sauce and marinade recipes!

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