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DYK? Jivi works with artists! See the first collab here.

DYK? Jivi Collaborates with Artists!

DYK? Jivi Collaborates with Artists!


DYK? Jivi Collaborates with Artists!

Jivi & Meghan’s chosen piece.

Did You know? Our December featured brand, Jivi, recently worked with a talented artist to design their new limited edition Winter Moisturizer with Sun Protection – Strata. While co-founders Nikhil & Nirav take their mission seriously, they find inspiration and a little light heartedness in the arts, and the arts in relation to their products. This is their first collab, and because of that, they thought it fitting to work with someone who’s residency was located in the same place that inspired Jivi (both the grandma and company.)

Meghan Shah is an Indian-American artist based out of New Haven, Connecticut. She works primarily in monotypes, textiles, and relief work on paper, allowing the medium to guide her process. The print on the label was created during Meghan’s residency at the Chaap Foundation in India, and is part of a series titled Inside the Road. (On the left here is the piece that Jivi used on the bottle!) Meghan also helped design the scent of the moisturizer.

We tried Strata. It’s a quite-can’t-put-your-finger-on-it winter-y scent that reminds us of licorice and cardamon, but it leaves a cool peppermint sensation on the inside of your nose as it lingers. The consistency is nice – not too heavy but creamy enough that it will soothe dryer, winter skin. This all over moisturizer is a deep greenish/blue (because of the micro algae) meaning it may take a little extra rubbing in and time to get it to set the way you want. Other notable ingredients are: Aloe Vera (the basis of all their products), Shea butter, Olive Oil, Zinc Oxide (yes the sun is still out in winter), Jojoba Oil & Cucumber Peel.

Want to know more? See additional prints by the artist and try Strata for yourself here:

About Jivi: Jivi creates truly natural and affordable skin care with ingredients they’re happy to show off. And it’s not just the few they want to highlight…100% of Jivi’s ingredients are natural and edible, to keep products as safe for you as they are effective. They make everything themselves, in the U.S.A., to ensure you get the highest quality products. And, with Jivi, you don’t have to buy local to support your community: for every bottle you buy, they donate a meal to someone in your neighborhood.

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