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Discover Fermented Multivitamins from New Chapter!

Did you know that many Americans take a daily multivitamin to support their healthy lifestyles? Even just one tablet a day can help provide essential vitamins and minerals to support your complete nutritional program. Taking multivitamins is often considered an “insurance policy” for covering nutritional gaps. But the perfect multivitamin can be much more than a nutrient backstop. Some multivitamins—like those from New Chapter® in Vermont—go beyond synthetic, chemically processed nutrients to deliver vitamins and minerals fermented with whole foods and live probiotics.

Why are fermented vitamins special? There’s a long tradition of fermenting foods with good bacteria to create gentle, cultured products. Yogurt and miso are great examples of healthy, fermented foods. New Chapter brings beneficial fermentation to all of their multivitamins, using special recipes of organic yeast, live probiotics, and select fruits and vegetables to transform each individual nutrient. Then, New Chapter combines the fermented vitamins and minerals with choice herbal blends to create innovative multivitamins especially for men’s and women’s life stages. The results include Every Woman’s One Daily—the convenient multivitamin for active women that delivers nutrients for stress support, immune system support, bone health, and much more*!

There’s another unique difference with New Chapter, which is their enduring commitment to sustainability since they began in 1982. New Chapter believes that organic nutrition is better for people and better for our environment, so each of New Chapter’s whole-food fermented multivitamins is made with certified organic vegetables and herbs. New Chapter is also committed to avoiding GMOs (genetically modified organisms), and was actually the first vitamin and supplement line to be Non-GMO Project Verified!

Experience whole-food fermented multivitamins from New Chapter… gentle enough to take any time, even on an empty stomach. Learn more at
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