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Diana Ralys Specialty Blend Oil


Diana Ralys‘ vision was to find the purest and cleanest ingredients to create active and efficient skin care products. Products that would be safe to use even by people with health concerns. Diana (Certified Oncology Esthetician) is knowledgeable about what ingredients can be used by people who have/had cancer. Diana doesn’t use toxins, parabens, harmful ingredients in her products for the following reasons. Toxins in common beauty products are poisoning the Earth—and us. 57% of all personal care products contain chemicals that act like estrogen, including paraben preservatives, alkylphenols, and estrogenic sunscreen ingredients, according to a 2004 report by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). Exposure to even small amounts of extra estrogen can have deadly consequences for the oceans—producing male fish with female sex organs, for example, or rendering entire populations unable to reproduce.

And it’s not just fish and wild animals that are being affected. It’s been research and found that some cosmetic ingredients like phthalate plasticizers, paraben preservatives, triclosan, and synthetic musks are actually common pollutants in men, women, and children’s bodies and cause health problems. Skin absorbs these chemicals into the body; bloodstream, lymphatic system, and what is not absorbed by our skin get washed down the drain.

This Specialty Blend Oil is a dream come true. Pure and powerful ingredients combined together create a full spectrum support for the skin. The product is excellent for all skin types. The most common mistake people make is trying to remove all of the oil from their skin, actually worsening conditions like acne. This powerful oil blend nourishes, repairs and revitalizes tired, worn, irritated skin. (Vegan)

0.5 oz

~Skin firming
~Cell rejuvenating
~Helps increase skin’s elasticity
Take as much as needed, from few drops to half of the dropper. Massage into the skin once, twice or as many times as you need per day.

Argan Oil* (Argania Spinosa), Prickly pear Seed Oil*, Cranberry Seed oil*, Neroli Essential oil*

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